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JAG Global Learning has a simple focus: Creating smart and dynamic learning solutions to solve complex learning challenges. We love what we do, we deliver on time, and we put our clients first – every day, no matter what.

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JAG Global
Learning Introduction

In the world of eLearning, an interesting character, stunning image or emotional moment breathes life into learning. At JAG Global Learning, we excel at engaging learners and delivering critically important concepts in memorable ways.


Our Proven Design and Development Process

  1. Project Kick-Off

    JAG Global Learning will develop a detailed Project Plan that documents both the schedule and milestones for the development of interactive elements, as well as the content and design of the course.

  2. Create Course Prototype

    We recommend the development of a prototype for the first module of a course. A prototype provides a fully functional demonstration of the strategies presented in the course. This way, stakeholders have a chance to make changes to the overall look and feel and even the underlying structure of the course. Making changes are much easier and less expensive when only a few screens need to be touched, rather than dozens or hundreds of screens.

  3. Develop Storyboards

    JAG Global Learning will develop the draft and final storyboards for the interactive elements based on the detailed content outlined in the approved course Project Plan. The storyboards will specify all content that will appear on the screen, all graphics and animations that will be used, the interactions that will occur, and the feedback that will be provided. It will also describe the menu structure and navigation and how they will be used throughout the course.

  4. Develop Alpha Courseware

    JAG Global Learning will build the draft media elements as specified in the storyboards. This includes creating all graphics and animations, programming the interactive exercises, and creating all content screens and tools and links to important reference documents if needed.

  5. Develop Beta Courseware

    JAG Global Learning will meet with our customers to review comments on the Alpha courseware. We will make the changes, conduct our rigorous quality control processes and submit the Beta courseware for pilot testing.

  6. Prepare Final Online Course

    JAG Global Learning will meet with our customers to review the recommendations contained in the pilot test reports. We will make the changes to the course elements, complete our rigorous quality control tests, and submit them in final form.

  7. Course Evaluation

    At the completion of the first course iteration, JAG Global Learning will conduct an in-depth course evaluation and produce a summary report of learner feedback on knowledge retention and instructional approach.

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